Insulin Sliding Scale – A Controversial Approach To Diabetic Therapy

What is the insulin sliding scale? Insulin Sliding Scale, or Sliding Scale Insulin (SSI) is a set of instructions provided by a doctor which tells the patient, or an attending nurse, what dose of insulin to use at a specific time. The dosage is based upon the results of a…

Food: A Perception Revolution

Capitalism emphasizes quantity.  In our over consuming Western Nations, quantity is seen as a core value.  Accumulating material wealth as a facet of desiring quantity drives our economies and plays a large part in our lives which are managed and run based on quantities of time.  No matter where we…

Learn About Serotonin for a Happier You

Are you feeling very happy at this very moment? Are you laughing your heart out over every silly joke you come across and just have that easy smile that you give every one at work? If you want to know what sets you in the mood like that, try reading…

How to Check Your Business Credit Report?

Just like it’s a good idea to stay on top of the information that appears on your personal credit reports, it’s also a good idea to check your business credit reports at least once a year to make sure that the payment information is correct and that your data isn’t…

5 Gluten Free Shopping Tips

The only effective treatment for gluten intolerance and celiac disease is being really, really careful with your diet. Being on a gluten free (GF) diet can be very costly. While more and more gluten free products are becoming widely available, they are still expensive to those on a budget.  Here are some shopping…

How Much Money Do I Need To Retire?

THIS is the million-dollar question. Seriously, you are going to need $1 million. When I was growing up I remember my dad saying, “He could just live off the interest.” This was in the early 80’s, and I believe he was referring to those who had at least one million…

Build a Web Presence, Not Just a Website

You’ll often hear that you need to focus the majority of your effort online on your website or your blog, and I would agree with that statement. Your website is the hub of everything you do online. But don’t forget about all of the opportunities across the Web to create…

email symbol on row of colourful envelopes
5 Simple Tips to Help You Use Email More Effectively

As a small business owner, I am always trying to find more efficient ways to get my work done. Moreover, I’m looking for ways to support my team in working smarter, not harder. One area I noticed I was spending a lot of my time in was Email Communication. It…

Non-Judicial (Trustee sale) Foreclosure Process

When you default on your home loan your lender can start the process of foreclosure. There are two types of foreclosures commonly used in most states. A non-judicial foreclosure, more commonly called a Trustee Sale, is used mainly because of its relatively short time frame, usually about four months. The…

Frequently Asked Questions About Residential Foreclosures

What is foreclosure? Foreclosure is a legal process used to collect an overdue debt that is secured by real estate. If you fall behind on your loan payments your Lender can legally sell your property at public auction. Foreclosure is usually done through a non-judicial process called a Trustee Sale….

Akbuk’s Many Attractions Make its Property Market Very Attractive

Turkey has grown into one of the world’s most popular places to buy property. Foreign sales increased 40% last year as more and more people realize the value in the low priced property, and the rental potential given by the booming tourism industry. As yet Akbuk — a small resort…

How to get smooth panning and other creative shots with your HDSLR?

The “HDSLR” video craze has not slowed or lost pace in any way shape or form. Even though there are “better” solutions for video, and I say that loosely in an open minded way of thinking, the cost for a high end rig still soars to a much higher price…

What Shifts in the Market Should the Online Freelance Writers be Prepared for?

Because contemporary economic conditions are so unstable, self-employed individuals will need to develop some new competencies. A better understanding of the economics of their own transactions, planning for jobs in advance, and shifting their interests in accordance with a truly global marketplace, are all necessary for freelance writers. Freelancers have…

Deliver Great Writing by Filtering Out the Fluff

Sometimes a writing assignment seems overwhelming. Sometimes it feels like an impossible feat — like you’re a prospector panning for gold. Are you having trouble communicating with clients? Are you filtering out the fluff? I’ve come to this fluff-filtering realization lately. Sometimes, clients are verbose.  Sometimes they have good reason….

Freelance Writer Marketing Tips: Get Traffic to Your Professional Writing Website

If you’re a professional writer, you’ll want to create a professional online space. You can create a website or a blog to showcase your abilities and attract clients. But just because you build it, that doesn’t mean that you’ll automatically get found by potential clients.  It’s not like Field of Dreams….

3 Free Google Tools Every Business Owner Should Use

Get online with Google Google is making a big push to reach out to small businesses lately. (Here’s what they’re doing here in Ohio. They’re hosting events like these all over the country.) Even though they make the vast majority of their money through advertising, Google provides all kinds of tools to help you…

6 Places Where You Should Direct Happy Customers to Leave a Review

This just in: People trust recommendations. Whether it’s an opinion written by a journalist, reviews posted by complete strangers or recommendations from close friends, your prospective customer is far more likely to believe what other people say about you than anything you could ever try to say through advertising. With that…

Create and Use a QR Code in 3 Simple Steps

QR Codes — short for quick response – are an interesting way to get customers to take an action using their mobile phone. However, many businesses fail to use the technology in an effective way. Here are 3 quick steps to setting up a QR Code campaign: Choose your QR…

Two Tips To Turbo Charge Your LinkedIn Profile

Whether you’re using LinkedIn for business development, sales or using it to find your next job, it’s important to have a complete profile. The basic information I see in my contacts’ LinkedIn profiles is resume-like in nature. This is a good start, but I am going to share with you…

Sugars, Sweeteners and Diet Plans

If you are like me and have a sweet tooth, that can be a major road block in our diet plans to burn fat quickly. Hey, but it does not have to be like that! It’s quite possible to change any habit in less than four weeks with persistence. For…

Tips to Excel at IELTS Speaking Interview

The IELTS speaking interview is a good way to measure your English-speaking ability. Take it as a learning experience rather than just a test. You will come to know exactly where you stand when it comes to communicating with fellow students at your university. You will be asked questions which…

Effective Tips For Successful Monetization Online

Everyone on the web tries to monetize at some point: after all, web sites are a costly endeavor and everyone wants to at least break even. However, with so many options for monetizing, many internet marketers hamstring themselves from the start by picking bad products and placing ads poorly. These…

What Is #FollowFriday On Twitter?

If you use Twitter, you’ve probably seen this, #FF, or this, #FollowFriday or even these –  #ff, #followfriday. If you are new to blogging, you might be wondering what it is all about… #FollowFriday is a Twitter meme, useful for networking, wherein you suggest or promote Twitter users that you like and think others…

Do You Have The Proper Dining Etiquette? Useful Tips That Should Serve You Well

It should be fun, but it seems as going to a restaurant can be quite an ordeal. Depending on how nice of a restaurant it is, the level of performance can vary significantly. There are many spoken and unspoken rules that apply to even the most average diner. Have no…

Ready To Invest In Mutual Funds? Learn About Their Various Benefits And Features

Mutual Funds are a perfect option for investors looking to passively manage their investments. Investing in a mutual fund allows individuals to invest in stocks, bonds, commodities and even other mutual funds. The reason for the growing popularity of mutual funds is their relative safety, variety, and ease of entry…